MAXSUN Motherboard AMD B450M Dual-channel DDR4 Memory AM4 APU Mainboard M.2 NVME (Supports Ryzen 4500 5600 5600G CPU)

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5-phase power supplyRun R5 5600/4500/3600.

Full speed M.2 Support NVMe/SATA protocol

●The CR2032 battery in motherboard photos will be removed before shipping, as battery is forbidden at CN post and custom

Max PowerStable power supply

Adopt 3+2 phases power supply scheme,l upper and 2 lower low temperature MOS.make the performance more stable. High speed M.2

PCle3.0x4 M.2 Full speed port, support for NVMe hard disk Dual-channel DDR4

2 DIMM dual-channel DDR4 memory slots.

Support overclocking function

Support 2400/2666/2933(OC) 3200(OC) Mhz Rich expansibility

1 * PCle3.0 x16

1*PCle x1

Front: 1 set of USB3.2 pins;USB2.0 pins in group

Rear: 2* USB 3.2 &2* USB 2.0 interfaces

Bring excellent expansion for users


1. Choose the right motherboard and CPU: You must ensure that the motherboard and CPU are compatible and support the same slot type.

2. Wear gloves and electrostatic protection: As CPU is a very sensitive device, gloves should be worn and grounded before installation to avoid electrostatic damage.

3. Making radiator: Before installing CPU, you need to make sure the radiator can be made smoothly.

4. The installed radiator should be placed in the correct position and installed.

5. Prepare heat dissipation glue: You need to use heat dissipation glue to install the radiator to ensure good heat dissipation effect.

6. Ensure peace of mind: When installing CPU, don’t worry or worry. Keeping a calm mind is very important for the success of the operation.

7. Skilled in operation and follow the instruction manual: Before installation, read the instruction manual carefully and disassemble the motherboard to get familiar with the position and characteristics of each component. And correctly follow the steps shown in the instructions.

8. Then confirm whether the installed CPU is stable: use the test program and the test function provided on the motherboard to confirm whether the computer is turned on successfully and stably.

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RAID Supported


Processor compatibility

AMD Ryzen 4000 Series-R3,AMD Ryzen 5000 Series-R5,AMD Ryzen 2000 Series-R5,AMD Ryzen 3000 Series-R3,AMD Ryzen 1000 Series-R3,AMD Ryzen 4000 Series-R5,AMD Ryzen 3000 Series-R5,AMD Ryzen 5000 Series-R3,AMD Ryzen 2000 Series-R3



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